Proactive monitoring of your website to ensure optimal performance

SENTRY - Remote monitoring system for websites

Remote monitoring system for websites

All sites hosted on our platform also benefit from our remote website monitoring using our SENTRY system. This is a custom system we have developed for our hosting clients which allows us to proactively check and monitor your website to ensure optimum performance, and immediately alert us to any unusual activity for investigation. Using SENTRY, we can deliver an unrivaled level of support and administer lightning fast maintenance in response to any environmental variation.

How does SENTRY work?

SENTRY is integrated with our Tixel helpdesk ticket system and we get a global dashboard of all our hosted & supported websites.  Each website is periodically poked to check it's health and performance and this information is fed back to this dashboard.   Should anything be untoward, this is highlighted on the dashboard and appropriate notifications alerts are sent out where necessary.

How does SENTRY help with support & maintenance?

  • 24/7 monitoring of your website
  • Alerts / notifications so we can immediately take action if something isn't quite right
  • Proactive prevention of problems by performing essential maintenance and checks
  • Administration / maintenance screens to speed up our support
  • Instant access to CMS, database, backups and files to provide even faster support
  • Peace of mind that your site is being looked after

What kind of things can SENTRY monitor?

  • Website load speed
  • Database response time
  • Optimisation
Pages and Resources
  • 404s / broken links
  • Popular pages
  • Key metrics
Files and Database
  • Disk space usage
  • Database size
  • Optimisation
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • 3rd party systems
  • Visual snapshot
  • Mobile/tablet friendly
  • Desktop friendly
  • Traffic spikes
  • Last visitor
  • Form submissions
  • Content updates
  • Last login
  • Audit info
  • Errors & warnings
  • Events
  • Emails

  • Traffic increases/decreases
  • Popularity / stagnation
  • User behaviour

Will SENTRY work for my website?

If you have your website hosted on our platform and your website utilises our content management system (CMS) then yes.  The health checks and monitoring take advantage of common features between sites, but also allows for custom-per-site checks too.

How much does SENTRY cost?

ABSOLUTELY FREE - as long as your website is hosted with us and you have our support & maintenance care package.

Why is SENTRY different?

  • Active during development/testing - Potential issues are spotted long before your site goes live as well as after
  • The human factor - It's not just automation, our highly skilled and experienced team are always doing the driving to perform any maintenance tasks and actions
  • Unique architecture - Our cloud-based hosting makes it possible for us to query each site and perform regular health checks with no impact on performance
  • Bespoke checks - If your site has a particular business critical feature, we can code something up and add it to our monitoring checks so we are alerted if anything changes

Can I get access to the information from SENTRY?

Our latest CMS dashboard will show a health check providing some of the information.  If you are an agency or partner, we have an option to view a SENTRY global dashboard for just your own clients - giving you a quick at-a-glance view over all sites currently running.... which is great for monitoring after a big update or after go-live.

Here is an example of what a typical website screen will look like:

SENTRY Screenshot Example