Why Silver

Why Silver Innovation?


Over 20 years experience designing, developing and supporting websites & applications in both the public and private sector.   Whatever it is, chances are we’ve come across it.


We pride ourselves on our breadth and depth of knowledge in most design & web related technologies and software.   PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET, jQuery, Javascript, Photoshop, InDesign – to name but a few.

Fun & nice

We’re nice normal people, love what we do and we want to enjoy our job. We also want you to enjoy working with us and feel like we’re working together as a team. Boring impersonal customer-supplier relationships just aren’t our thing.

You're the boss

We’ll always make recommendations and suggestions but ultimately you are our client and we want you to be happy. You also know your business, so chances are, you know what will fit your audience better than we do.

Keep it simple

It’s a bit of a cliché but we like things to be simple. We try to streamline our user interfaces and applications so you only have the features & functionality you need.   Less clutter and less confusion!   We appreciate our clients aren’t all web techies!

We care

Free hugs available upon request!   Seriously though, we get just as excited about projects as you and we want to help our clients to be successful. We go the extra mile.

Bespoke solutions

Our greatest strength is being able to tackle unusual things and tailor a website or application to your exact needs. We still re-use things that are tried & tested but we’re good at innovating too, hence the name!

Full monty

We offer the full package (!) so we can take care of your hosting, logo, design, website, application – pretty much all the technical stuff including liaising with 3rd parties.   You can then focus on your business.