Work with us

Saddle up partner!

We work closely with a number of designers, developers and digital agencies to compliment their services with our own expertise and solutions.   Silver can be client-facing, wear a different hat or simply work in the background – it’s entirely up to you.

Supporting designers

Designers in particular are usually very good at the creative aspects but sometimes need a coder/programmer to help transform their ideas into a working, functional, living, breathing website…. which is where we come in!  

Hire us as programmers / coders

We’re able to build dynamic websites using PHP, HTML, CSS & jQuery from Photoshop PSDs, HTML statics or from scratch – all to the highest standards.   Our content management system (CMS) is very designer & end-user friendly – it is always tailored to the requirements of each website.

If you are a designer or coder who has struggled or is frustrated with off-the-shelf CMS systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc – you will find working with our solution a whole lot easier and simpler, we guarantee it!

We are always keen to engage with new partners, suppliers and contacts so if you are a designer, developer, digital agency – we’d like to hear from you – please contact us.