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Our client required an application where their remote users could log time, notes and expenses against defined clients and projects.

Users were rarely in the office, and time keeping was kept on daily spreadsheets, time consumingly e-mailed and collated at the end of each day. Each of those then needed to be cross checked and invoiced, causing a bottle neck stopping users doing their day to day job.


  • Reduce administration for all users
  • Allow users to log time / expenses from any location
  • Conversion of time to invoices
  • Approval and reimbursement mechanism
  • Basic client and project management
  • Reporting on user and team performance
  • Migration of the existing paper based system, with decades of data

Our Solution


Our bespoke solution provided an application which saved over 80 man hours a week whilst streamlining the time logging and invoicing process

Real time logging

As it was cloud based, the responsive interface allowed remote users to log time and expenses instantly against their assigned cases

Instant approval process

Removing the backlog of spreadsheets, our system instantly notified team leaders of time spent and allowed them to raise invoices as required. Rejecting & revising time with was now also possible with built in workflows

Client and project tracking

New clients, enquiries and projects information instantly available to users to collaborate on, becoming a core system asset

Management reports

With all business critical information in one place, management level reports provided real time visibility of key data

Core Application Framework

Our solutions share a core framework developed in house that has been deployed with all our applications. This core framework provides a proven, secure scaffold which bespoke applications are constructed upon.

As well as being attractive, our application design is 100% responsive so it works on any desktop, mobile or tablet without any software to install.

The interface adapts to suit its platform, so you get the same experience regardless of how its viewed, and updates to any part of the application are instantly accessible on all devices.

Unlike off-the-shelf solutions there are no subscription charges or costs per user - once the development is complete the number of users in the system is unlimited.

This allows your solution to scale with your business, and with tiered, enterprise level security, the solution can tailor access and permissions to your exact requirements.

Deployed on our cloud hosting platform, our solutions aren't restricted to use within your office. Allowing remote users, home workers or just users on the move to continue working regardless of location.

Its online location also allows integration with external services, such as workflows attached to online stores or allowing management of public facing services in real time.

Each user type has their own customised dashboard with graphs, lists, reminders and alerts

Data is visualised, patterns analysed and performance realised using interactive pie/bar charts

Application Screenshots

  • Dashboard

    Management dashboard demonstrating a graphical overview of recent time logged, and time pending approval.
  • Case Details

    Client and case information, with in line ability to log time, review notes and take actions
  • Invoice Generation

    Conversion of time into an invoice ready for approval. Generates PDF and e-mail content on screen

Client Feedback

The solution provided by Silver Innovation has reduced our administration overhead significantly whilst providing a detailed, instant overview of how our business is performing which has never been easily accessible before

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