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With events occurring all over the globe, an application was essential to help track logistics with precision.

Using spreadsheets to track deliveries at events stopped information being collaborative so a new solution was required that was both flexible to cater for data that changed for each event but still allowed top level management to see detailed progress.


  • Reduce administration for all users
  • Allow tracking of exhibitor details
  • Data which is customisable for each event
  • Instant collaboration on data for an event
  • Ensure familiarity for existing users
  • Workflows and triggers based on key events
  • Basic client and project management

Our Solution


Our solution mimicked an Excel spreadsheet interface to ensure existing users found the interface familiar, but became infinitely more powerful giving management a real time overview of an event's progress

Real time data

As deliveries were completed the data was updated in real time, providing instant information to users and clients

Flexible data structures

Information relevant to each event could be structured independently allowing a streamlined interface that was relevant to each project.

Key information could be highlighted so management level reporting would reflect progress easily without having to create custom reports

Offline Mode

Events can be downloaded 'offline' and completed without internet access and then updated when connectivity was restored


Our solution allowed instant collaboration, with data changes reflected instantly to other users

Core Application Framework

Our solutions share a core framework developed in house that has been deployed with all our applications. This core framework provides a proven, secure scaffold which bespoke applications are constructed upon.

As well as being attractive, our application design is 100% responsive so it works on any desktop, mobile or tablet without any software to install.

The interface adapts to suit its platform, so you get the same experience regardless of how its viewed, and updates to any part of the application are instantly accessible on all devices.

Unlike off-the-shelf solutions there are no subscription charges or costs per user - once the development is complete the number of users in the system is unlimited.

This allows your solution to scale with your business, and with tiered, enterprise level security, the solution can tailor access and permissions to your exact requirements.

Deployed on our cloud hosting platform, our solutions aren't restricted to use within your office. Allowing remote users, home workers or just users on the move to continue working regardless of location.

Its online location also allows integration with external services, such as workflows attached to online stores or allowing management of public facing services in real time.

Each user type has their own customised dashboard with graphs, lists, reminders and alerts

Data is visualised, patterns analysed and performance realised using interactive pie/bar charts

Application Screenshots

  • Exhibition Overview

    Interface demonstrating the 'Excel' style layout, with instant collaboration, offline line mode and statistics
  • Exhibition Editor

    Demonstration of the ability to alter the information stored against any exhibition and how it affects statistics
  • Dashboard

    Dashboard provides details of active exhibitions and custom reports for individual exhibition progress and pending offline updates

Client Feedback

As well as scaling well to each event, the solution has saved hours of administration and cross checking that is no longer required.

Importantly, however, it has a value when talking to our prospective clients who like to see sophisticated solutions that ensure they can trust our provision to them

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