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A solution was required to replace 3 separate, aging & disparate systems with a single application to track their candidate's training progress and provide general CRM functionality

In addition any replacement solution needed to migrate years of existing data for existing users, and provide new functionality to help expand their service

Security would be paramount as the information held would be sensitive for both the candidate, and the teams of users that would provide feedback and marking on each course


  • Replace an online system for tracking a candidate's progress through a course
  • Ability to establish new courses and customise the content and key milestones
  • 'Themeable' interface that could be customised so the service could be re-sold
  • Detailed auditing to help track key events
  • Mimic complex hierarchy for marking course work with granular security
  • Provide real time alerts to help workflow

Our Solution


An important aspect of our solution was providing on going support, lost when older solutions became obsolete. We ensured the progress was more than just evolutionary.

Visual Progress

Candidates were treated to rich visual progress that provided them with simple progress tracking without having to drill too deep

Wizards and on screen guidance

Submitting, reviewing and marking course work became much easier by introducing wizards and drag and drop functionality to guide users

Powerful Integrations

Entire year groups and courses could be established via Excel, users could access additional services through 'single sign on' accounts and data shared with other providers through a custom API

Core CRM functionality

Replacing an uncoordinated set of spreadsheets, the new CRM functionality allowed team collaboration and clarity across their clients

Core Application Framework

Our solutions share a core framework developed in house that has been deployed with all our applications. This core framework provides a proven, secure scaffold which bespoke applications are constructed upon.

As well as being attractive, our application design is 100% responsive so it works on any desktop, mobile or tablet without any software to install.

The interface adapts to suit its platform, so you get the same experience regardless of how its viewed, and updates to any part of the application are instantly accessible on all devices.

Unlike off-the-shelf solutions there are no subscription charges or costs per user - once the development is complete the number of users in the system is unlimited.

This allows your solution to scale with your business, and with tiered, enterprise level security, the solution can tailor access and permissions to your exact requirements.

Deployed on our cloud hosting platform, our solutions aren't restricted to use within your office. Allowing remote users, home workers or just users on the move to continue working regardless of location.

Its online location also allows integration with external services, such as workflows attached to online stores or allowing management of public facing services in real time.

Each user type has their own customised dashboard with graphs, lists, reminders and alerts

Data is visualised, patterns analysed and performance realised using interactive pie/bar charts

Application Screenshots

  • Candidate Progress

    Report of a candidate on a course, providing a graphical overview of their progress
  • Upload Wizard

    System promotes ease of use by providing step by step tools and wizards to aid users
  • Framework Management

    Example of how the system can be customised to create new courses and interfaces for users

Client Feedback

Feedback on the new solution has been overwhelmingly positive, and has provided a new tier of detail that helps us track a lot of data in an easy to use and visual manner.

The new functionality has also allowed us to approach other organisations to resell our services providing a new revenue stream for us too.

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